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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some more pictures about Lüderitz

Felsenkirche or "Church of the Rock" is the highest building in Lüderitz. The construction of the church was funded by donations, the cornerstone of the church was placed in November 1911, and the Church was opened on the 4th of August 1912 . The architect and builder of the church was Albert Blauset from Cape Colony. The church is a National Monument of Namibia since 1978

Luderitz_Church (19)

Luderitz_Church (39)

Luderitz_Church (8)
The altar window was presented to the church by the German emperor Wilhelm II, the Bible was given by his wife Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein.

Luderitz_Church (2)

Luderitz_Church (4)
Martin Luther.


Luderitz_Church (27)
The Church at sunset.

While entering the town there is a very good tourist company in the main street –“ Lüderitz Safaris and Tours”. Very business-like and efficient service, from here you can buy both - postcards and stamps, also free of charge are available Namibian tourist maps and handbooks about overnight places. And from here you can also book a boat trip to Halifax Island to see penguins or get other useful information about the city.

Halifax_Island (78)

Halifax_Island (215)
The colony of penguins of the island of Halifax

Walking around in town and looking at the houses makes the same feeling as if staying in Germany in midsummer.

Diaz Coffee Shop, which currently undergoes rejuvenation treatment.



A fountain - at the moment without water.


The former post office


Luderitz_2012_03_16 (5)
Barrels, currently there is a restaurant located.

Luderitz_2012_03_16 (6)
Bergstrasse renovated houses

Luderitz_2012_03_16 (7)
Grunewald House. Built in 1909 and belonged to the first mayor of Lüderitz.

Luderitz_2012_03_16 (10)

Bowling alley and concert hall.


Just now there is a hotel.

Having searched one can find in the side street some houses that are not renovated yet.

There is - The Fish Day at Lüderitz harbor. This type of a Saturday event, there is a tent at the embankment, next to the tent - the speakers and, of course, loud music and inside the tent one can buy a variety of grilled local fish products.

Another dish is ready to be tasted.

Kingfish - not writing about prices – just – that the price was one-digit number. We do have a lot to learn from Africa. Let the cardboard filled with fish and rice.



First National Bank or FNB is recruiting new customers. Like always on public occasions. They are not very eager to recruit me.

The Fish Days from a distance. Electricity-free half an hour, the trampoline has collapsed as well.


Library and sports hall



In the middle of the street I was approached and the wish was to have his photo taken.

The local Nama tribe men - who did not forget to mention that all this was once their land

Camper Magirus from 1960s.

Fits exactly through the gates of the overnight place.

Another smaller vehicle. I sometimes miss a higher car, but only in those moments when there is a wish to stand up in the bus. Because the size of a car, or more specifically, the smaller size of the vehicle is important here, especially in the narrow streets of the town when one must make a U-turn because of the dead end ahead.

And another bus full of tourists entered the town – having their own overnight place with on a trolley. So here you can see moving around anything.


Luderitz_2012_03_16 (2)
Another overnight place. Lüderitz Backbackers. There is less wind than at the two previous camps , In Dias Point the wind wanted to carry everybody to the ocean and as the Shark Icland camping - can`t say that it was calm there.

And it is much more comfortable to sleep when a neighbor has a turtle instead of three dogs.

I spent one night at the camping of Iceland Shark. Lonely Planet had warned that the place was windy and cool, and exactly so it was. NWR or the Namibia Wildlife Resorts is the owner of the campsite.

The former lighthouse, now an overnight place.

Top view of Shark Iceland campsite, on the left there is a memorial.

In the center there is a memorial stone of Adolf Lüderitz


The text on the stone:

"KLINK PLAQUE In Recognition of the achievement and courage of Capt. Amyr Khan Klink of Brazil when he rowed and drifted alone in the specially designed lifeboat the PARATY across the South Atlantic from Lüderitzbucht in South West Africa / Namibia to Sao Salvador Bahia in Brazil in one hundred days from 10 June to 18 September 1984 in research project on survival at sea. The Lüderitzbucht Foundation deems it fitting to erect this plaque in the victiny of Capt. Klink's starting point FOR THOSE IN PERIL ON THE SEA.Link

In short – this is a plate - established in honor of Captain Amyr Klinki Khan, who traveled in 1984 alone from here to Brazil. Anyway – much respect.

Some more about the history of Shark Iceland. Here is another memorial, the first of the 20th century, dedicated to the victims of Herero and Namaqua Genocide. Cornelius Frederick, whose name is on the stone, was one of the leaders of the Resistance and died here in 1907. Because just here, on rocky Shark Island, open to cold winds - was the first extermination camp in the years of 1904-1907. More about it in Wikipedia. 80% of those who arrived here did not ever leave the camp again.

In Lüderitz there is a small local museum, which gives a fairly comprehensive overview of the city and the history of diamond mining.




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