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Friday, April 15, 2011

Somaliland – Laas Gaal

101 Day
Somaliland, Hargeisa

In order to visit the Cave paintings in Somaliland it is necessary to drive from Hargeisa about 50 kilometres in the direction of port city Berbera .

Just like in Ethiopia one can see here tanks by the roadside, from the time of war.

And of course – big turtles.

All kinds of signposts that could introduce the way to this kind of rare attractive place are completly missing.

The right way could be found this way – the road goes through a small village. On the right there are two mountains (called Naasa Hablood) and on the left there is a track which is very little used and difficult to find. And the best solution is to ask guidance from the locals.

Laas Gaal (in Somali language Laas Geel) is not in the UNESCO World Heritage List only because the state itself is not recognized internationally.

There is a guard present who checks the visitors permits and directs the visitors to the cave paintings.

Laas Gaal itself became known to wider public at the end of 2002.

And now the paintings themselves.

Even giraffes can be seen here.

Watchman. Thousands of years ago this was very likely a sleeping place covered with skins.

Outside view.

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Further on the road took to port city Berbera.

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