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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ethiopia - Pictures

To get a local Ethiopian sim card for internet two passport photos and a copy of the passport was needed and also 3 hours of patience and peace of mind in addition to that. But thanks to all that there are more photos in this post.

Derbak – next place to stay. The only road up to the Simen mounntains is from here.

One can find the chemist under this label

Miscellaneous Services

Queue - to have water

Goats up in a a tree

This kind of technology in a side street.

In the Simien Mountains

A security guard or Scout came with to the mountains

3908 m. In this height the car stopped. Even while trying the first gear there was not enough power to get higher. Oxygen came to an end.

It seemed that this place will remain the highest having been reached. The view was powerful.

A camping site – Chennek Camp. Just before falling asleep I furtunately remembered that if to change the rear tires into smaller ones it could be possible to drive higher.

But the altitude disease was now really experienced because falling asleep was not succsessful at all. Previous night was spent on the height of 2000 m and this time it was 3500 m.

But the changeing of the tires really helped because the next day the height of 4000 metres was reached without any problem.

Bwahit Pass – the height of 4272 metres.

Personal record

Road reconstruction work

And it it necessary to wait until a new temporary road is pushed through

Bilingualism or threelingualism?

The road made by italians.

Continued – 800 photos waiting to be sorted out.

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